Sales Management Mentoring

Want to be a SuperAchiever sales director? Achiever can provide you with training and give you the tools you need to become a positive team leader and boost your company’s sales.



  • Be a true leader
  • Create a strategic and business plan
  • Calculate sales targets and define KPIs
  • Forecast sales
  • Motivate and train your sales department
  • Monitor the sales force properly
  • Establish a good price and margin policy
  • Support the large account management process
  • Optimise collaboration with the marketing team



  • Stage 1: We assign a mentor to work on an action and training plan with you and to hone all your sales management skills.
  • Stage 2: All the points in the action plan are worked on in weekly sessions with the mentor.
  • Stage 3: We arrange one-to-one sessions with your mentor to deal with specific cases and situations as required.