Outsourced Sales Management Services

We have our own interim sales management method that guarantees enhanced results right from the word go. Our team of senior executives designed it based on their experience in a broad range of industries and their ability to automate tasks and get the most from your sales force using processes and tool



  • Lower training and recruitment outlay.
  • Variable costs with real experts.
  • Results focused.
  • Tried and tested sales management tools.
  • If you decide to cancel the service, we’ll ensure a smooth transition. Achiever will train a member of your team to take over the role. The tools implemented in your company will remain available to your company at no extra cost.



  • After reviewing your case, we assign a senior sales manager to work for one or several days per week or even full time in your company’s sales management division.
  • The manager holds regular individual and group sales meetings with your team.
  • They spend time working on processes, systems, and decision-making to improve your sales and margins. ​
  • In the offboarding phase, they train a team member to take over your sales management with the tools they have designed.